Why Tezkids

Our Environment


At Tezkids, we provide a safe and child friendly environment to accept the child the way he/she is. In short they will feel it’s the home away from home, a place for them to know their little World.

Our Concept Rooms / Classrooms are like resource centers and the children are not confined to any one room.

At Tezkids centers, we are highly sensitive to the need for cleanliness, hygiene and the security of our children. We are committed to protect the children by deploying evolved security systems that incorporate transparency and common sense.
These are some measures that we use to ensure your child’s safety:

General Safety:

                  Outside access to our center is enabled through only one main gate and one access controlled main door

                  Children’s outside play area is fully enclosed, while still allowing children to play in plenty of sunlight and fresh                         air

                  Availability of fire extinguishers

                  Use of child friendly furniture and play equipment

                  Storage of all forms of chemicals (cleaning supplies, pesticides, etc.) and pharmaceuticals out of reach of all                          children

                  Availability of 24-hour backup electricity supply

                  Periodic maintenance of all appropriate appliances and furniture to avoid accidents

                  Availability of clean drinking water at all times

                  Availability of mosquito repellents when appropriate

                  All children are accompanied by a teacher at all times

                  All toys, books and activity equipment conform to the highest standards of international safety for use by                                   children  in respective age groups

                  All furniture is made of soft and safe material age-specific to minimize the chances of accidents

                  Teachers are trained to provide emergency first-aid in case of need.

                  We have pediatrician and hospital tie-ups to manage any unforeseen health or injury emergencies

                  In line with international standards, teachers are also trained in emergency evacuation and                                                           handling procedures for facilities with small children

Campus safety:

Teachers and care providers are on safety duty at all times, including out-of-class areas. To avoid accidents and injury, please do not distract staff, it only takes a second for an accident to happen. If you need to convey some information regarding your child, please speak to the center head.

Play Area Safety:

These areas are provided with soft flooring to enable them to crawl and potter about without fear of hurting themselves if they fall. Children in play school and higher are provided with an outdoor play area. Artificial soft flooring/sand is provided in the slides area to cushion any injuries from falling.

Outdoor safety

                  The main gate remains closed always with a security-in-charge guarding the entrance

                  Parents are encouraged to follow school guidelines and rules at all times

                  Parents are advised not to send toys, money or books from home unless instructed by the school authorities.                         The school does not take responsibility for personal items brought in without prior notice

                  Do not make the child wear expensive jewelry to school. The school will not be responsible for any loss

              Field trips are undertaken with a supervisor-student ratio of 2:10. Parents are expected to volunteer to ensure                    that the ratio is maintained. A staff member will check out the site for safety and hygiene beforehand