Parental responsibility

    Children who come with you or an adult authorized by you must deliver them to Little Elly’s staff.

    Your child will be sent only with the adult who will possess the authorization from the parents. If not, he/she will not                 be handed over

    Please notify the staff if your child is going to be absent for any reason.

    If the child is absent due to illness or any other reason for more than 3 days, parents are requested to inform LE or                 notify us in writing.

    Parental participation in the school is very important to us. Parent visits and feedback are important and welcome at               all times.

    School closure may result when there are severe weather conditions or any political or social problems/strikes

    Speaking to the adult/teacher at the time of dropping or while picking up your child or during school hours is not                       permitted. You must call the office and make prior appointment to meet the respective teacher at both your convenience.

    Change in telephone numbers or address should be reported to the office immediately. Your child’s safely in the event             of an emergency could depend on the accuracy of this information.

    Anything requiring our immediate attention has to be notified to the office.

    Please check the child’s bag for circulars or last minute changes in plans.

    Children should be dressed in comfortable clothes.